• We help organisations prepare their Cyber Incident Communications response

    Workshops, Policy Manuals, and Cyber Crisis Communications Counsel to see you through an incident.

  • Why prepare for a cyber incident?

    When a cyber security breach occurs, communications teams and senior managers are often left literally in the dark, with no computers, email, telephones or access to the internet. At times like this, staff, especially senior staff, can be materially impaired if they say the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person, or mislead the public in any way about the cyber incident.


    We help organisations determine what you say, who says it, how and when you say it, and who you say it to, during a cyber security incident. Then we equip you with the protocol and materials you need to act with in the event of a cyber security incident.


    Communicators for any organisation need a thoughtfully crafted cyber incident response communications plan to prepare them for their roles and responsibilites to communicate a cyber incident.

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    Cyber Incident Communications Training Workshop

    For external communications, a full-day workshop to learn and practice what to say, how, and when, to communicate with stakeholders and the public during a cyber incident.


    Stakeholder Communications Workshop

    For internal communications, a half-day forensic workshop to identify your stakeholders, what sensitive information you hold on those stakeholders, and to craft a communications strategy to talk to those stakeholders during a cyber incident.


    Train-the-Trainer Workshop

    Because it takes a community to build cyber resilience, train-the-trainer workshops carry knowledge of cyber communications into the corporate communications discipline.

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    Strategy & Policy Documents

    Cyber Incident Response Communications Strategy and Policy Handbook

    A written communications approach that details protocol to guide the communications effort during a cyber incident. A printed handbook that lays out the protocols and information necessary to guide senior managers and communications staff when a cyber incident occurs.


    Stakeholder Communications Strategy

    A communications strategy that details and compiles information about each of your stakeholder groups, determines how and when to communicate with them, in what manner, and by what method.

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    Cyber Crisis Counsel

    A team on call to support you in the event of a cyber incident crisis, to field and liaise regulator reports, media requests, and stakeholder inquiries. We are the calm voice of reason counselling you through the response.



    We come to you when you need us.


    Cyber Incident Communications is a practice jointly run by Mediacraft Communications, a media training, issues and crisis management consultancy in Australia, together with Pinpoint PR, a technology public relations agency based in Singapore for Southeast Asia.

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    Brian Shrowder

    The crisis communications trainer is Brian Shrowder from Mediacraft Communications, an industry veteran who draws on broadcast experience and a long career in public relations consultancy that includes all aspects of communications training.

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    Illka Gobius

    The stakeholder communications consultancy is led by Illka Gobius, the founder of Pinpoint PR, a multi-award winning consultancy for outstanding consultancy in stakeholder communications, international reputation management, content, use of advocates, strategic communications, and consultancy management.

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